Nace un nuevo concepto de belleza: Onyra

A new beauty concept is born: Onyra

Onyra does not intend to fight against the passage of time, but to ally with it.

We present a new science-based cosmetic proposal.

Onyra was born from the efforts of three women from different lifestyles with the same dream: to create an effective and innovative cosmetic line of skin care, based on science, that uses the best active ingredients. This dream is now a reality.

After analyzing and testing the best-known products on the international market, visiting countless European laboratories and studying multiple formulations in depth, Onyra has developed an extraordinary formula that allows it to launch two concentrated serums onto the market with which it intends to revolutionize cosmetics in Europe. They are made with state-of-the-art ingredients, such as Niacinamide, liposomal Vitamin C, and others that are more unknown but surprisingly effective, such as Munapsys ™️ or Marsturizer ™️ (a bacterial ferment obtained from an acidophilic microorganism collected in Rio Tinto).

Both serums are dermatologically tested, are suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive) and can be applied around the eyes.

Onyra's AWAKE is an ultra-concentrated serum with high-performance ingredients that tighten, smooth and brighten skin cells for a healthy, radiant complexion. It is a complete concentrate for a double boost of firmness, hydration and luminosity of the skin. The AWAKE serum acts on the outermost layer of the epidermis, moisturizing and nourishing it, and also reaches the innermost layer, the dermis, to promote cell renewal.

AWAKE stands out for softening blemishes and unifying tone, for providing an immediate lifting effect and for helping cell regeneration.

Onyra's BOOST is a highly active concentrate formulated to prevent skin damage and aging caused by the often stressful urban lifestyle and environmental factors such as pollution.

Onyra's BOOST serum is enormously effective in treating all the signs of natural aging, promoting activity, energy and cell regeneration. It has bioactives that prevent the formation of wrinkles, helping to smooth the lines caused by expression, giving rise to a rejuvenated and relaxed facial oval.

BOOST stands out for improving skin elasticity, promoting collagen production and having an immediate lifting effect.

Onyra hits the market with these first two products, but the development of other complementary products is already underway. They will be sold through their website and in some selected stores.

Its main premises are: work only with Spanish laboratories, sell its products only in centers where the entire team can be made up of the brand and know the product in depth and, above all, bet on respect for the natural evolution of all skin, mitigating the negative effects of aging.

“It is not about fighting against the passage of time, it is about allying with it by giving each skin, at whatever stage it is, the best possible beauty, serenity and well-being.” says one of its founders.

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